It’s not easy being a journalist

Over the last week, I’ve been making a list and checking it more than twice. This list is a complete record of local elected officials. Everyone from the city council to the school board, county board, and mayors within Minnesota Senate District 13. Should be an easy task right? Look up the Secretary of State website and find the results from 2018.


In some cases this is true, but when you get into more of the rural areas (I’m looking at you Richmond and Roscoe), it gets a little more complicated. Times are changing, people move, and life happens. It’s in the transition where the stories I hope to write for you are to be found. Is there a special election or did the city appoint your neighbor to the council? Did that excellent new school board member move away or did something happen at the last meeting? These are questions that only a grassroots civic journalist can answer. To answer these questions, you have to be there or, if you’re not there, you have to find these local leaders and talk with them to get the story.

I hope to provide valuable insight into each city and school district within our Senate District 13 boundary. Sure the Mayor of Sartell may have more name recognition than the Mayor of Roscoe, but you never know who will run for State Representative or US Senate next. Let’s work together to support our local leaders who share our values and hold all of our representatives accountable.

Let me know if you’d like to join the ranks of freelance journalists. I can show you how to make a press pass for cheap.


Michael WillemsenComment