Is this the America we want to be?

I was raised in a blue-collar working-class family, and our values will never be okay with what is happening right now.

Let me be clear. This administration has intentionally created these horrible conditions as a deterrent for EVERYONE who comes to the border, not just those trying to cross illegally. It is also blurring the lines and implying those seeking asylum are breaking the law; this is not true. Presenting at the border seeking asylum is part of a legal process. To those of you saying an asylum seeker should apply in their own country and wait for approval, I believe you are missing the point. Would you tell a bettered person to continue to live with their abusers until the proper paperwork is done? These people are leaving and presenting for asylum because they feel like they don't have a better choice, and the United States of America is a ray of hope.

When I hear people present the arguments that it's been worse in the past or "Obama" was worse, I am stunned. It is just another way to justify the treatment our fellow human beings are facing. While we argue about who did what, when; this is happening RIGHT NOW. We have a choice as Americans, as innately good human beings, to stop what is going on and make a better choice. We must also hold our leaders accountable for making a better choice that aligns with our values. Do not fall for the arguments that these people deserve this. No one deserves this.

As someone from a blue-collar, working-class family from Minnesota, if someone is in trouble, we help them first and figure the rest out later. It's time to focus on helping first.