Epstein Has Died, but the Investigation Must Live On

By now you have certainly heard the news that Jeffrey Epstein who was a registered sex offender under investigation for a large sex-trafficking ring, recently died while in custody. I will not speculate about the circumstances of his death, as they are currently under investigation; however, I will say that the investigation into his operation must be continued. Just yesterday it was revealed that many powerful people from around the world have been implicated by evidence obtained and by named victims who are pressing for criminal charges. As of yet, Epstein remains the only person to face criminal charges for these accusations, and much of the evidence remains sealed from the public.  Because of this, there is a chance with his death that the investigation could lose steam and that these women will never see justice in a criminal court. We cannot allow this to happen. 

This investigation was started as the result of a brave group of women daring to stand up to an incredibly powerful man who abused his wealth and was well connected in political spheres of power. They chose to fight a hard legal battle and were initially denied justice by the plea deal Epstein made with former Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta. After investigative reporting from the Miami Herald, attention was raised to this plea deal which was made illegally.  This renewed attention gave these women the opportunity to once again seek justice, and this new development puts that opportunity at risk of falling flat once again. While they are seeking damage in civil courts from Epstein’s estate, it is still critical that the criminal investigation continues. 

Some on both sides of the political aisle have been implicated.  While that has given some people a sense of hesitation on expanding the investigation, we must take this investigation seriously and follow the facts wherever they lead - no matter who is implicated. If we want to live in a world where we know that women and children are safe from harm, we must pursue the facts to the very end. The time is now for us to send a clear message to women across the nation that no one is above the law, that women will be believed, and that justice will be brought even to the most powerful people. No amount of wealth, political influence, or power should be able to shield an individual from facing justice for the crimes that were committed against these women. This investigation will send a message to survivors across the country and how we respond and pursue that investigation will determine what message is sent. That message should be this:  Truth and justice are held far above, power, influence, and political partisanship. 

Benjamin CarolloComment